Dolby Laboratories has been a leader in audio innovation. Dolby revolutionizes the way audiences enjoy entertainment anywhere.

Beginning with Dolby noise reduction, Dolby Laboratories has developed many groundbreaking technologies, advancing the science of audio reproduction. From the cinema to your living room, Dolby has transformed the entertainment experience. Today, Dolby technologies can be found in cinemas, professional recording studios, video games, laser discs, DVDs, mobile media, digital broadcast TV, digital cable, and satellite systems.

Dolby provides Innovative technologies, products, and services empower filmmakers and exhibitors to deliver a richer experience. With Dolby Digital Plus Technology , the most comprehensive audio solution , Dolby empowers content creators , developers, sound engineers , distributors , and the device manufactures to provide a superior listening experience to audiences.

Dolby offers comprehensive hardware / software solutions for various segments in Professional areas like Broadcast , Cinema , Gaming ,monitors ,Pro audio etc . In Consumer segment , Dolby provides solution in Home theaters , gaming , PC’s , tablets , Mobile Phones etc.