Introducing J850 Pro

Unmatched versatility, capacity and ROI for every stage of product development.

J850 Pro Versatility

Tailored to Engineers' Needs
  • Reduces the amount of rapid prototyping equipment
    onsite, and associated overhead and points of failure.
  • Increases expertise and maximizes use through familiarization with a single technology.
  • Protects investments against changing business
    needs, both cyclical and unpredictable.
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A One Shop Stop Solution

Use Cases

Concept Verification
Low Cost Concept Verification
Functional Performance
7 Modeling Materials for a wide range of applications, while minimizing cartridge replacement
Design Validation
Various functional flexible, rigid and clear materials

Disrupting Engineering Design

Improved Throughput Productivity and Cost per part.
  • Versatility 7 modelling materials bays and Productivity 4 kg cartridges)
  • Clear Visualization with VeroUltraClear Functional Flexibility with Agilus30
  • Time Saving State of the art software with powerful integrations and built in capabilities to achieve complex textures.
  • Low Cost Concept Verification with DraftGray & SHS Super High Speed for rapid concept verification
  • CAPACITY Large tray for high capacity and large parts Reduced price compared to J850 Prime (full color) with the ability to upgrade when needed.

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