LOST MARBLE's acclaimed animation software Moho has evolved into an exceptional digital storytelling tool. It is a powerful platform, enabling countless users to create seamless animations with vector tools and skeletal rigs. Today, Moho has become the top choice for professionals and studios seeking to breathe life into their characters and scenes through its user-friendly and efficient animation capabilities.

Moho 2D Animation Software

Since its humble beginnings as a piece of hobbyist animation software developed by Mike Clifton, Moho has evolved into a tool that allows thousands of people to animate quickly and effectively using vector tools and skeletal rigs. Used in the OSCAR® nominated films, The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea, Secret of the Kells, and Wolfwalkers for Best Animated Feature Film.

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Moho's user-friendly interface and powerful features make it the preferred choice for professionals in the animation industry.


The Most Cutting-Edge 2D Animation Technology

Moho is a potent 2D animation software that blends cutting-edge professional animation tools with the most potent animation technology. Simple to draw, rig, and move. You can import images or Photoshop files while maintaining the link and layer structure, or you can build your characters directly in Moho using its vector tools optimised for animation.

Moho 2d animation
Moho animation studio

Tools For Drawing That Are Setup For Animation

The distinctive Moho vector method keeps the shapes constant while they move, making it ideal for animation and rigging. With Moho vector tools, you can create right inside the software. For quick and simple results that look natural, you can also apply brushes and effects. Curvature, linewidth, exposure, curve profiles, pathways, masks, gradients, opacity, point colours—everything—can be animated. With Moho's adaptable tools, you can animate in any manner!

The Strongest 2D Modelling Available

The rigging method used by Moho is simple and quick. You can quickly create your own characters. Create skeletons for people, animals, or any other item or creature you want to animate with ease. Use inverse and forward geometry. Animate the hierarchy, add constraints, add automatic squash and stretch to any bone, copy and relative paste animation between various characters with similar skeletons, add pin bones for special control, and much more! Find out why many artists consider Moho's rigging method to be their "secret weapon"!

Moho 2d animation software
Moho Pro

Moho Pro 13.5

For professionals looking for a more effective option for producing high-quality animation, Moho Pro is ideal! Create animated projects that come to life!


Includes all features from MOHO DEBUT, and also:

  • Easy to use rigging system including Smart Bones, Vitruvian Bones, FK & IK, Advanced Constraints, Shy bones and much more.
  • Photoshop's PSD files integration to easily import, rig and animate your bitmap characters and backgrounds.
  • Simulate 3D rotations, animate gestures, bend and manipulate your pictures in any way you want.
  • Automate your animation with a powerful set of physics features that includes Particles, Gravity, Dynamics and Wind!
  • Advanced and easy to use Timeline, with Graph Mode and many editable interpolations to get exactly the movement you need.
  • GPU acceleration, Full HD Export capabilities, Separate Render Process 3D camera, Depth of Field, Depth Shifting and many to easily create multiplane scenes.
  • FBX support for Unity™
Moho Debut

Moho Debut 13.5

The quick, easy, and affordable way to make animations! For amateurs, digital artists, and first-time animators, Moho Debut is the best option.


  • Beginner's Mode to easily start using the software.
  • Content Library full of characters, props and backgrounds. Use them in your own animation or study how they are created to improve your own art!
  • Powerful Vector Drawing Tools: Apply brushes to your vector artwork to get a more natural look.
  • Photoshop PSD files integration.
  • A complete rigging system to easily create powerful and easy to animate 2D puppets Timeline, Audio Recording & Sound Effects.
  • Follow Path Tool, Video & Motion Tracking, Finish for Web, TV, Film & Stills.
  • Edit Multiple Layers Simultaneously.

System Requirements


  • Windows® 10
  • 64-bit OS required
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • 1.6 GB free hard drive space or higher
  • OpenGL 4.1 supported graphics card required
    (1920x1080 recommended) *
  • Online connection required to perform online activation


  • macOS® X 10.15, 10.16 or higher*
  • 64-bit OS required
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • 1.6 GB free hard drive space or higher
  • OpenGL 4.1 supported graphics card required
    (1920x1080 recommended) **
  • Online connection required to perform online activation

* Moho 13.5 is fully compatible with Apple silicon (M1)

** For high pixel density displays, minimum resolution will vary according to the operating system recommended scaling level. For example, if the OS recommends a scaling level of 200%, the minimum requirement may be as high as 2736x1824 resolution. Or if the OS recommends a scaling level of 150%, the minimum requirement may be as high as 2160x1440 resolution.


Moho, formerly known as Anime Studio, is a powerful 2D animation software that caters to both animation enthusiasts and professionals. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Moho allows users to create captivating animations, cartoons, and explainer videos.

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