TVLogic is a broadcasting equipment brand that was founded in 2002 which manufactures professional-grade monitors and display solutions for the broadcast, production, post-production, and media industries. TVLogic's product lineup includes a wide range of monitors designed for different applications, such as studio production, field monitoring, color grading, video editing, and quality control.

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TVLogic is among the world’s leading Broadcast & Professional monitor Manufacturers and offers widest range of high quality video monitoring solutions available for Broadcast, Production and Post-Production as well as Digital signage & Multi-Viewer applications.

TVLogic, the broadcast monitor brand of Vidente Co., Ltd., proudly announces the TVLogic Qualified Service Centers (TQSC) in the world. There are two levels of TQSC based on the service.

  • F-10A

    10’’ Full HD HDR field monitor with HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2
  • F-5A New

    5.5’’ Full-featured Field Monitor with FHD IPS-LCD
  • F-7H mk2

    Ultra-Bright 7’’ Field Monitor with PreTouch Keys
  • LUM-242G

    24’’ 4K/ UHD HDR Emulation Monitor
  • LUM-242H

    24’’ 4K/UHD High Brightness HDR Emulation Monitor
  • LUM-310R Rev2.

    31’’ True 4K HDR Reference Monitor
  • LUM-310X

    31’’ 4K HDR Reference monitor with Dual Layer LCD
  • LUM-430M2

    43’’ 4K/UHD HDR Emulation Monitor
  • R-5T

    12G-SDI Supported 3 x 5.5’’ LCD Full HD Screen
  • S-46P

    46’’ FHD Studio Wall Monitor with SFP module & Ember Protocol
  • F-10A

    10’’ Full HD HDR field monitor with HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2
  • F-5A

    5.5’’ Full-featured Field Monitor with FHD IPS-LCD
  • F-7H

    7’’ FHD HDR Field Monitor with Enhanced Sharpness
  • LVM-095W-N

    9" FHD Multi-purpose Monitor
  • LVM-328W

    32” 1920 x 1080 Native HD LCD Monitor
  • LVM 180A

    18.5” model with a 18.5 inch IPS LCD pane
  • LVM 242S

    24” model with a 24 inch IPS LCD panel
  • LVM 246A

    24" Full HD 3G-SDI IPS LCD Monitor
  • LVM 181S

    18.5" 3G-SDI/HDMI Wide-View LCD Broadcast Monitor with HDR Emulation
  • LUM 095G

    9" 4K/UHD Multi-Purpose Monitor
  • LUM 181G

    18.5" 4K/UHD Ready HDR Emulation LCD Monitor
  • LUM 181H

    18.4" 4K/UHD High Luminance HDR Emulation LCD Monitor
  • LUM 242G

    24" UHD 4K HDR Emulation Monitor
  • LUM 310X-CI

    31" 4K True HDR Reference Monitor
  • LUM-313G-CI

    31" 4K SDR monitor with HDR emulation function
  • LUM 328G

    9" 4K/UHD Input-Ready LCD Monitor
  • LUM-550M3

    4K/UHD monitor with a 55" True UHD(3840x2160) resolution
  • LUM-242H

    24" 4K/UHD High Brightness HDR Emulation Monitor
  • LUM-310X

    31" 4K HDR Reference monitor with Dual Layer LCD
  • LUM-313G

    31.1” True 4K Monitor with 12G-SDI & HDMI2.0
  • LUM-430M2

    43" 4K/UHD HDR Emulation Monitor
  • R-5T 12G-SDI

    Supported 3 x 5.5’’ LCD Full HD Screen
  • RKM-270A

    Dual 7” LCD Rack Monitor
  • RKM-290A

    Dual 9” LCD Rack Monitor
  • R-7D

    Dual 7" LCD monitors supporting up to 12G-SDI
  • S-46P

    46’’ FHD Studio Wall Monitor with SFP module & Ember Protocol
  • S-32P

    32" Full HD Studio Wall Monitor with Ember+ Protocol
  • S-42P

    42'' FHD Studio Monitor with SFP module & Ember Protocol
  • S-46P

    46" Full HD Studio Wall Monitor with SFP Module & Ember+ Protocol
  • S-55P

    55" Full HD Studio Wall Monitor with Ember+ Protocol

IS-mini 4K is the 4K/UHD version of popular IS-miniX. It supports 12G/6G/3G/1.5G-SDI signals to process LUTs up to 4K resolution image. Image quality and performance is exactly the same as IS-miniX, which means, IS-mini 4K is usable for not only previewing but also creating main contents or live broadcasting. WonderLookPro V4.1 or later supports IS-mini 4K. This state-of-the-art real-time LUT creation software is provided for free to all IS-mini series users.

  • 4K HDR Live Production

  • 4K Color Space Conversion

  • Monitor Calibration for consumer TV sets

  • 4K HDR On-set Grading

IS-mini evolved to IS-miniX! Added frame memory enables IS-miniX to expand the functionality of utilizing frame image and ancillary information.

  • Capturing Live Frame Image

  • Play Still Image

  • Live viewing on your PC

  • Ancillary information

  • Frame Line showing

  • Still image composition with live image

  • Chroma Key Composition

Digital color adjustment device used for on-set camera preview and for monitor calibration for professional motion picture productions

  • Enabling color management with multiple equipment interlocking with IS-100

  • High-precision color reproduction using IS-mini

IS-mini Rack4K/ IS-miniX Rack4K is 1U Rack mountable device built in 4 units of IS-mini/IS-miniX!

  • 4K Camera's real time grading

  • 4K video's color space conversions/HDR、PQ/HLG, Rec709/Rec2020, etc)

  • upto 4 units of HD camera's color matching, color correction

WonderLookPro is a comprehensive color management software explicitly designed to handle the large number of color space corrections found in today's complex video productions.

  • Comprehensive Color Management with a Simple GUI

  • Powerful LUT Management and Utilization

  • Image Analysis useful for shooting and color grading

  • Flexible and Powerful Multi Camera Support

  • Camera Control and getting and managing of MetaData

  • HDR project support and various assistant functions

  • How to visualize the transform described in the LUT

NextoDI creates a state-of-the-art field memory card backup solution that delivers the highest levels of data integrity and ultra-fast performance. We protect your work in extreme shooting environment.

  • NSB-25

    4K Modular Backup System
  • NVS2801-Plus

    All in one field backup storage
  • NCB-20

    Handle multiple memory cards simultaneously
  • NPS-10

    Fastest, smallest, lightest! Portable backup storage
  • TVC-FA301N
  • FHD Sub-Broadcast Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera
  • TVC-FG301E FHD PTZ Camera, GEN-LOCK, 360° Endless Fan Range
  • TVR-200H Camera Controller
  • TVK-4000SH 4K Cross Converter
  • TVX-DW 2ch DVI optic module - Optical single mode : 2km & Optical multi mode : 500m
  • TVX-H80 HDBaseT - Extender for HDMI 4K, 3840x2160@30Hz, 80m
  • TVX-D150 HDBaseT - Extender for DVI 1080P@60Hz, 150m
  • TVX-H150 HDBaseT - Extender for HDMI 1080P@60Hz, 150m
  • TVM-016S 16 x 16 Modular Matrix for main frame
  • TVM-036S 36 x 36 Modular Matrix for main frame
  • TVM-072S 72 x 72 Modular Matrix for main frame
  • TVM-144S 144 x 144 Modular Matrix for main frame
  • Router Slot for Modular Matrix Router


TVLogic is a renowned manufacturer of professional video monitoring solutions. As an authorized distributor for TVLogic in India, ARK Infosolutions offers a comprehensive range of high-quality video monitors, OLED monitors, and other broadcast and production monitors.

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