What We Offer

We are a value-added distributor of technology products in India with a top-notch workforce and exceptional performance in fields including Animation, Broadcast Media, Film & Video Post, Pro AV, Architectural Engineering & Construction, Gaming, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Product Design and Robotics.

In the Animation industry, we offer software and hardware solutions that enable professionals to create stunning visual effects and animations. Our solutions for Broadcast Media include advanced video editing and production tools that help broadcasters and media companies create high-quality content. In the Film & Video Post industry, we provide cutting-edge technology for post-production workflows.

Our solutions for Pro AV cater to a wide range of customers, from small businesses to large corporations, by providing audio and video equipment for various applications. For the Architectural Engineering & Construction industry, we have 3D modelling and simulation software, as well as advanced building information modelling (BIM) tools that enhance project efficiency and accuracy.

In the Gaming industry, we offer hardware and software solutions that enable gamers to experience the latest games with the highest-quality graphics and performance. Our solutions for Graphic Design include professional-grade software and hardware tools that help designers create stunning visuals.

In Digital Manufacturing, we provide advanced automation and 3D printing solutions that help improve productivity and efficiency. For Product Design, we offer 3D modelling and simulation software that allows designers to create and test prototypes before manufacturing.

We strive to provide our clients with the most advanced technology solutions and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Like the industrial revolution impacted manufacturing, digital transformation is responsible for changing this dynamic industry.

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Today, media and entertainment business companies have already begun their digital revolution journey where they expect nothing less than extraordinary.

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Modern AEC software revolutionizes design, empowering growth in architecture, engineering, and construction.

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In today’s world - creation of new information, discoveries, inventions are taking place at a fast pace.

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