ARK's review process helps employees to take an honest look at his or her career goals, skills, needed knowledge, experience, and personal characteristics. We offer training and skill development programs for his or her from leading practitioners to help harness your career advancements.

Current Openings

Life@ARK Infosolutions

At ARK, you can look forward to a fun filled and healthy work-life balance. Providing a dynamic workplace environment where you can learn, nurture and excel in your career. An amicable work environment houses regular team events, training, town hall, employee appreciations, webinars, seminars, employee awareness sessions, community outreach throughout the year.

What to Expect?

At ARK it is always exciting, and fun filled environment which allows employees to explore diverse opportunities to take your career to the next level.

As an organization, we have evolved over a period to facilitate and promote teams to come up with innovative ideas, execute with right set of tools, get guidance from their mentors not bosses.

Perks & Benefits

When you join ARK, you join a global family. And we take care of each of other. Our incredible benefits protect and improve the lives of our employees and their families. They enhance everday wellbeing, help you save for now and later, encourage you to take time off work, and provide amazing discounts.

  • Paternity leaves
  • Women’s special / sabbatical leaves
  • Special incentive & bonus to sales & facilities
  • Gratuity
  • Work from home
  • Paternity leaves
  • SIM card and dongle to eligible employees
  • Off site tour
  • Claims facility
  • GPA coverage
  • Wedding gifts
  • Salary advance facility


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