Enscape is a powerful and user-friendly real-time rendering and virtual reality (VR) plugin used primarily in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. It allows architects, designers, and visualization professionals to transform their 3D models into immersive and photorealistic visualizations with ease.

Enscape Real Time 3d Rendering Software

Enscape plugs directly into your modeling software, giving you an integrated visualization and design workflow. It is the easiest and fastest way to turn your models into immersive 3D experiences by eliminating the inconveniences of production, shortening the feedback loop, and giving you more time to design.

Enscape Features

Version 3.3 - Design Beyond Boundaries

Enscape 3.3 empowers you to design beyond boundaries. Add context to design scenes with the brand-new Site Context feature, work more effectively with the Alpha Channel Export, and enhance projects with Education-themed assets and materials. Plus, so much more!


Real-Time Walkthrough

With Enscape’s real-time technology, your project is visualized as a fully rendered 3D walkthrough which can be navigated and explored from every angle, during any time of day. With the live link between Enscape and your CAD program, you can follow every update to your plan instantly. Use NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling support to improve performance in walkthroughs. Add Enscape to your workflow to give yourself more time to create and innovate.

Virtual Reality

Explore your design in the compelling realism of virtual reality. Connect a VR headset like the Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive in a snap and get ready to walk or fly through your project. You won’t believe the extraordinary experience it will evoke.

Export Functions

Enscape offers a variety of options to share or collaborate with anyone; design teams, clients and other stakeholders can easily explore your 3D rendered design. And guess what: they won’t need any special software or superpowered computers.

Batch Export

Share and group panoramas to curate a better presentation experience. Drag to look around.

360° Panorama Gallery

Share and group panoramas to curate a better presentation experience. Drag to look around!

Video Export

Create a video walkthrough of your project in no time.


Share your work with anyone as a fully rendered executable (.exe) file or web standalone.

Alpha Channel

Render an image with a transparent background and add the right backdrop with ease.

QR Code

QR Code

Create QR codes for easy scanning and project exploration.

Atmosphere Settings


Get wind of Enscape’s cloud settings: adjust the cloud density and variety to perfect the ambiance and feel of your scene. Depending on your defined parameters, the rendering will appear brighter or darker, and the clouds thicker or thinner. Adjust the time of day to see the clouds travel across the dynamic Enscape sky.

Image Effects

The cinematic view and atmosphere of your scene can be regulated by the image settings. Make your rendering look like it was shot using a professional DSLR camera. Adjust the bloom or lens flare intensity to bring to light specific details or brighten up the complete image.

Image effects Image effects

Volumetric Fog

Fog gives your scene a sense of depth, by making rays of light more visible; use it to simulate the scattering of dust or a layer of dense fog. The time of day has a direct effect on the color of the fog; at sunset, it will be more intense. Try out some fog to your scene, otherwise, it would be a mist opportunity.

Volumetric fog Volumetric fog

Depth of Field

Focus on whatever you want. With this setting, you chose which part of your model stands out. Call attention to specific details and blur others to create a dynamic image.

Depth of field Depth of field

Time of Day

Travel through time: simulate lighting situations at different times of the day or check the artificial lighting concept in your building at night. If you want to know the daylight conditions of any city in the world at any specific time: stray from the beaten track and specify a location.

Workflow Tools

Site Context

Eliminate the lengthy processes of modeling topography and importing geometry with the Site Context mode. See what your building will look like on-site and make better decisions with real-world context added.

Orthographic views Orthographic views

Orthographic Views

No project is complete without a floor plan or cross-section representation; in many situations, it’s the clearest and simplest way to present the scope size, and intent of your design. One click is enough to create a two-dimensional view out of your three-dimensional project. Switch easily between several flat perspectives to create floor plans or side-view section cuts.

BIM info BIM info

BIM Info

BIM mode places all the information you need right at your fingertips. Just click on any single or grouped elements in the Enscape window to immediately display all available BIM data. Or, search for an element in our BIM mode menu and instantly see one or all instances of the object highlighted in the Enscape window.


Whether it’s a change request, material suggestion, or problem, highlight issues directly within the project with the new collaborative annotation feature. Share progress, maintain context, and benefit from continuous communication with your team and external members.

3D Assets Collection

Assets Library

Our ever-expanding Asset Library will help you to fill your scene with life and make it even more realistic. Browse through just a small selection of our collection, so you can get a feel for the available models. We’re always adding more.

Assets Placement

Access the Enscape Asset Library within the rendering window. Pick, place, and edit single or multiple assets into your design scene via the Enscape rendering window. See the changes reflected live in your building model and enjoy this two-way asset placement feature.

Custom Asset Library

The new Custom Asset Library ensures you can add any and every asset your project requires. Whether it’s meeting individual needs or fulfilling corporate branding standards, you can include bespoke assets in your designs. This expert feature allows you to add special touches and create unique design experiences.

Simplified Assets

Use white, low poly assets in early design or when basic asset placeholders to provide context, without any complexity or specificity, are required.

Assets With Variants

Choose from multiple versions of the same asset to convey the right story. Have more asset choice and flexibility without library clutter.

Assets With Color or Material Customization

Change the color or material of an asset via a customization panel. Adjust parameters to accentuate or blend assets in scenes.

Multi Asset Editing

Quickly modify a group of assets at once: select, de-select, replace, or delete them. Available to all assets in the Enscape asset library.

Unique Assets

Enjoy a collection of assets that are exclusive to Enscape. Choose from over 90 unique assets to showcase the function and emotion of a space.

Unique assets


Enscape is a real-time rendering and visualization software that empowers architects and designers to create immersive 3D experiences directly from their design software. It allows users to explore and present their projects in real-time, making it easier to communicate design ideas and make informed decisions.

To purchase Enscape software from ARK Infosolutions, you can visit our website or contact our sales team directly. We will guide you through the licensing options and help you choose the most suitable solution for your architectural visualization needs.

Yes, ARK Infosolutions is an authorized distributor for Enscape in India. As an authorized distributor, we provide genuine Enscape licenses and full support for our customers.

Yes, Enscape offers a free trial version that allows you to explore the software's capabilities and determine how it fits your workflow. You can download the trial version from our website or contact us for assistance.

ARK Infosolutions offers comprehensive technical support for Enscape users. Our team of experts is available to assist you with installation, setup, troubleshooting, and any other technical queries you may have.

Enscape is designed to be compatible with most modern hardware configurations. However, for the best performance, we recommend using a computer with a dedicated GPU and sufficient RAM to handle real-time rendering tasks. 

Absolutely! Our team will guide you through the Enscape software installation and assist in integrating it seamlessly into your current design workflow. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all our customers.

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Yes, ARK Infosolutions provides volume licensing options for businesses and organizations that require multiple Enscape licenses. Contact our sales team for customized licensing solutions.

Enscape offers a refund policy within a specified time frame. If you encounter any issues with the software or are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us to initiate the refund process.

Enscape offers a rich collection of learning resources, including tutorials, documentation, webinars, and a knowledge base to help users get the most out of the software. We also organize training sessions to enhance your proficiency.

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