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Ansys Semiconductor Simulation - Semiconductor Yield Analysis Software

Even the largest finFET integrated circuits (ICs) and 3D/2.5D multi-die systems can benefit from Ansys cloud-native solutions, which have unrivalled capacity. With foundry-certified golden signoff verification, these powerful multiphysics analysis and verification tools minimise power consumption, increase performance and reliability, and lower project risk.

Features :

  • Analyzing and modelling power integrity (EM/IR) in digital and analogue architectures with RedHawk-SC and Totem-SC.
  • 2.5D/3D multi-die systems electrothermal analysis
  • Path FX's variable-aware path timing
  • PathFinder-SC analyses electrostatic discharge (ESD) and dependability
  • RTL power analysis and reduction with PowerArtist
  • On-silicon electromagnetic analysis and modeling with RaptorH, Pharos, Exalto, and VeloceRF
  • Cloud-native elastic compute architecture for full-chip capacity

Ansys Semiconductor Products

Ansys PathFinder-SC

Ansys PathFinder-SC is a robust solution for planning, verifying, and ensuring the integrity of IP and full-chip SoC designs against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. It effectively detects potential design issues that may lead to chip or IP failure caused by ESD, such as the charged-device model (CDM) and human body model (HBM). With certification from major foundries, PathFinder-SC guarantees accurate analysis of interconnect parasitics, ESD simulations, and resistance and current-density checks for ESD signoff. Its user-friendly layout-based GUI enables quick identification of root causes and simplified debugging.

Features :

  • HBM/CDM ESD Events Silicon
  • Correlated Accuracy
  • Root Cause Detection
  • Single Pass Simulation
  • Capacity and Performance
  • Library to SoC-Level
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Ansys PathFinder-SC

Ansys PowerArtist

Ansys PowerArtist provides rapid turnaround on multimillion instance designs, and enables early power-related design decisions. It delivers consistent RTL power accuracy thanks to unique modeling of physical implementation, including clock tree and mesh networks, wire capacitance, and glitch. This technology also identifies reduction opportunities at the block and instance-level across clock network, data path and memory. Designers can easily and efficiently debug power hotspots with the powerful GUI.

Features :

  • Physically Aware RTL Power Budgeting
  • Comprehensive Power Analysis and Exploration
  • RTL-Driven Power Grid Integrity.
  • Power Profiling of Real Applications
  • Regressions Based on Power Efficiency Metrics
  • Analysis-Driven Automated Power Reduction
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Ansys PowerArtist

Ansys RedHawk-SC

Ansys RedHawk-SC’s advanced power analytics (APA) deliver very high coverage for capturing dynamic power supply noise, thereby avoiding frequency loss due to unexpected dynamic voltage drop (DvD). Its comprehensive DvD diagnostics quickly capture and measure the causes of dynamic IR-drop. A rich GUI and ‘what-if’ capability instantaneously report the voltage impact of design changes for IR ECO fixing. It analyzes thermal-aware current density in both signal and power net and provides statistical electromigration budgeting.

Features :

  • Power analysis
  • Power budgeting
  • Power reduction
  • Thermal modeling
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Scalable design
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Ansys RedHawk-SC

Ansys Totem

Industry-proven and foundry-certified analog and mixed-signal EM/IR solution Ansys Totem is a transistor-level power noise and reliability analysis platform for comprehensive power integrity analysis on analog mixed-signal IP and full custom designs. Totem can create IP models for SoC-level signoff using RedHawk-SC. Totem analyses span early prototype to signoff and can handle a variety of design styles such as SerDes, data converters, power management IC, embedded memories, DRAM, Flash, FPGA, and image sensors. It analyses substrate noise, RDSON, self-heat, and ESD . Totem-SC’s cloud-native elastic compute architecture has the capacity to handle very large designs with modest memory overhead.

Features :

  • Early prototyping
  • Millions of transistors
  • Cloud processing
  • Incremental analysis
  • Mixed-signal simulation
  • Vector activity
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Ansys Totem


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