Polyga’s 3D scanners are a trusted brand of 3D imaging solutions used worldwide in different sectors such as medical imaging, computer vision, 3D visualization, manufacturing and building information systems which are used by engineers, researchers and professionals that require 3D scan data for visualization and measurement applications.

Polyga 3D Scanners Distributor in India

High-Accuracy, Easy-to-use and Portable Professional 3D Scanners and Measurement Tools

Polyga 3D Scanners

Polyga Compact

Polyga Compact desktop 3D scanners are great for any companies, manufacturers, academic institutions, visual effect studios, and research labs that need accurate and reliable 3D scan data for visualization and measurement applications including:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Computer or robotic vision
  • Scientific measurement and documentation
  • Quality inspection
  • 3D modeling
  • Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
Data Sheet
Model Type Object Size Reference Objects Camera Accuracy Points Scan Speed Field of View Standoff
S1 Entry-level 5 to 30 cm
Small mechanical parts, computer mice, dental molds 2 megapixel
Up to 35 microns 2 million 150 ms 95 x 75 – 115 x 100 mm 170mm
S1 Wide Everyday Objects 10 to 60 cm
Mechanical parts, cups, hands / faces 2 megapixel
Up to 50 microns 2 million 150 ms 155 x 125 – 255 x 205 mm 300mm
L6 Large field of view 20 cm to 1 m
Human body, faces, automotive parts 3 megapixel
Up to 80 microns 3 million 1200 ms 265 x 225 – 375 x 345 mm 680mm
C504 Macro scanner 0.5 to 3 cm
Drill bits, screws, coins, rice, seeds 5 megapixel
Up to 6 microns 5 million 166 ms 13.2 x 12.1 – 15 x 13 mm 51.5 mm
C506 Scan small parts 3 to 10 cm
Small turbine blades, PCB boards 5 megapixel
Up to 12 microns 5 million 333 ms 45 x 27 – 45 x 30 mm 87 mm
C210 Medium sized parts 5 to 30cm
Mechanical parts, figurines, shoes 2 megapixel
Up to 35 microns 2 million 250 ms 98 x 71 – 154 x 100 mm 164 mm
How Polyga 3d scanners works

How It Works

The Polyga Compact 3D scanners take a 3D photograph of what it could see at one time. To create a virtual version of the whole object, scans ought to be taken from all angles.

Below are the components used to capture a scan:

  1. Capturing Unit: The LED light makes a series of patterns on the scan target. This light pattern gets distorted when it is projected on the surface of the object.
    Duo cameras capture these images and send them to FlexScan3D to process the information.
  2. FlexScan3D Software: The control center that runs the entire operation. It uses the captured images to calculate the object’s depth and surface information to create a 3D scan. FlexScan3D then cleans, merges, and stitches multiple scans together (known as post-processing) in order to create a complete digital 3D model.
Data Sheet

Scan Samples from Polyga Compact

Polyga carbon

Polyga Carbon

The Polyga Carbon systems provide the flexibility of scanning an extensive variety of mechanical parts, objects, or even people into a complete digital 3D models. Carbon 3D scanners are exceptional for applications including:

  • Quality Inspection
  • Scientific Measurement
  • 3D Visualization
  • Archiving
  • 3D Printing
  • Reverse Engineering


Flexible X Portable

The latest Carbon model, redesigned for speed. Engineered for flexible performance. Designed for portability.

Polyga carbon

Polyga carbon


Scan large objects

This is our classic large FOV scanner design. A wider field of view and brighter projector compared to the original model.

Adjustable Field of View

Polyga Carbon is a tripod-mounted 3D scanning system with which you can adjust the view by making changes in camera positions with accuracy. The Carbon and CarbonXL can be placed anywhere at the mounting rail for additional flexibility. The 3D scanner offers you the flexibility to scan objects of various sizes.

Polyga Carbon systems

Outer Camera Mounting Position

Larger Field of View for scanning larger objects

Polyga Carbon systems

Inner Camera Mounting Position

Smaller Field of View for scanning smaller objects

Scan Samples from Polyga Carbon

Handheld 3D Scanner

Polyga H3 - The Polyga H3 is an all purpose professional hand-held 3D scanner which is easy to use, portable, accurate and affordable.

Product Description

  • Dimension (mm): 280 x 200 x 60
  • Cameras (frames per second): 2 x 700 FPS, monochrome or color option
  • Technology: Structured-light, proprietary multi-imaging pattern for 3D capture
  • Modes (2-in-1): Handheld mode, stationary mode (mounted on a tripod)

Technical Specifications

  • Field of view (mm): 300 x 180 to 500 x 310
  • Point-to-point distance (mm): 0.5 or better
  • Accuracy: Up to 80 microns (0.08 mm)
Data Sheet

Versatility At Its Core

Polyga H3 hand-held 3D scanner captures the complete object in minutes as it is enabled with industrial-grade cameras with an ultra-high speed of 700 frames/second. It scans variety of objects like mechanical parts, artifacts, medical devices, etc.
Polyga H3 scans objects into digital 3D models from 10 cm to 1.8 m in length

Polyga Carbon systems Polyga Carbon systemsn

Scan Samples from Polyga

The Polyga 3D Scanners produce high resolution 3D scans from real-world objects that can be merged together to create full digital 3D models. Download the 3D scan sample to see the type of results the scanners can achieve.


Polyga is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade 3D scanners. They provide advanced scanning solutions that capture accurate and detailed 3D data of objects, enabling reverse engineering, quality inspection, and digital modeling applications.

ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a variety of Polyga 3D scanners, including the Polyga Compact, Polyga HDI, and Polyga XTract series. These scanners cater to different scanning requirementss, object sizes, and levels of precision.

Polyga 3D scanners find applications across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, art and heritage preservation, healthcare, and more. They enable precise 3D scanning and digital modeling for design, analysis, and inspection purposes.

Polyga 3D scanners can capture the geometry and texture of a wide range of objects, including small mechanical parts, complex industrial components, artistic sculptures, archaeological artifacts, human body parts, and more.

Polyga 3D scanners are known for their high accuracy, fast scanning speed, ease of use, and versatility. They offer features such as high-resolution scanning, structured light technology, color capture, automated turntable support, and compatibility with industry-standard software.

Yes, Polyga 3D scanners are compatible with various 3D scanning software, including PolyWorks, Geomagic, and MeshLab. They support standard file formats like STL, OBJ, and PLY, allowing seamless integration with existing software and workflows.

Yes, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. offers comprehensive training and support services for Polyga 3D scanners. We provide installation assistance, operator training, and ongoing technical support to ensure optimal performance and utilization of the scanners.

ARK Infosolutions is the authorized value-added distributor and reseller for Polyga 3D Scanners in India, providing comprehensive support and competitive pricing to customers seeking effective Polyga implementation and utilization. They serve as a direct product reseller, offering responsive customer support.

To get in touch with ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., kindly fill up an enquiry form on our website or contact our sales representative by sharing your details/requirements at polyga@arkinfo.in. We will be pleased to assist you with any inquiries, pricing, and support related to Polyga 3D scanners.


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