ANSYS simulation software

Modeling light propagation and its effects are essential for assessing product performance, as well as human comfort, perception, and safety. Ansys Optics & VR is the only software that replicates a system's optical performance and analyses the final illumination effect in real-world situations. It anticipates and validates the influence of light and material variations on appearance and perceived quality.

High Level Features

Allow Ansys Optics & Virtual Reality optical simulation software to guide you to the optimum option for your project, regardless of its style. The software is simple to use and addresses complex optical difficulties while also improving visual appeal for perceived quality. True-to-life visual experiences significantly improves final product quality, and design and engineering procedures are combined into a single, integrated workflow. In a real-time, immersive VR environment, prepare and evaluate virtual prototypes of a cockpit HMI. Alternatively, use Ansys Optics & Virtual Reality to simulate optical sensors for autonomous vehicles.