ANSYS simulation software

Even the largest finFET integrated circuits (ICs) and 3D/2.5D multi-die systems can benefit from Ansys cloud-native solutions, which have unrivalled capacity. With foundry-certified golden signoff verification, these powerful multiphysics analysis and verification tools minimise power consumption, increase performance and reliability, and lower project risk.

Features –
  • Analyzing and modelling power integrity (EM/IR) in digital and analogue architectures with RedHawk-SC and Totem-SC.
  • 2.5D/3D multi-die systems electrothermal analysis
  • Path FX's variable-aware path timing
  • PathFinder-SC analyses electrostatic discharge (ESD) and dependability
  • RTL power analysis and reduction with PowerArtist
  • On-silicon electromagnetic analysis and modeling with RaptorH, Pharos, Exalto, and VeloceRF
  • Cloud-native elastic compute architecture for full-chip capacity