Stratasys Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer / Design Professor / Design Student

  • Responsible for the product design
  • Very sensitive to bad design / workflow
  • Has access to printer and main operator
  • Enjoy modeling and sees the value of models
Stratasys Studio Owner

Studio Owner / Manager / Dean

  • Sensitive to design process efficiency (costs)
  • Lacking efficient ways to communicate with his customer at design development stages
  • Looks for ways to promote the design
  • Sensitive to design
Stratasys Product Manager

Product Manager

  • Responsible for the product definition and GTM
  • Sensitive to TTM
  • In charge of market validation and AB testing
  • Seeking of physical 3D models at the early stage of market validation


High resolution, quick prints, & multimaterial capabilities will improve your design process.


The best footprint -to-tray ratio on the market, allowing you to print maximum models in a single run.


A wide range of options, full colour, hard or transparent materials, elastic flexible surfaces, or Digital ABS for practical prototyping.

Office Friendly

Ultra-quiet, operates under 53 decibels and smell free as it uses ProAero™ Air Extractor to capture & filter out fumes.


With tactile and sensory capabilities, achieve higher part fidelity, resulting in outputs that look, feel, and function like the real thing. Introduce a new elongation-to-break, tear resistance, and dimensional accuracy standard.

Functional Modeling

Digital ABS simulates the functional modelling of regular ABS polymers, including great temperature resistance and durability.

Ultra Opaque Colors

By extending the J55 full colour space to cover a 640,000 colour gamut, it introduces sharpness in graphics and better plastic simulation. It sets a new level in full colour 3D hyperrealism.

Prolonged Skin Contact

Vero™ContactClear is a rigid rapid prototyping material with various on-skin and mucosal usage ideal for applications requiring prolonged skin contact.

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Use Cases

The main targeted vertical segments where design is vital and the driving force for growth

  • Automotive
  • Medical Device
  • Consumer Goods/ Consumer Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Industrial Products
use cases

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Stratasys J55TM Prime Sample

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