ARK and Tvlogic Success Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and broadcasting, the pursuit of precision and quality stands as paramount. Within this dynamic realm, the partnership between ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. and TVLogic emerges as a beacon of excellence, reshaping visual narratives and elevating production experiences across India.

Established in 2012, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a pioneering force in technology product distribution within India. Specializing in Animation, Broadcast Media, Film & Video Post, Pro AV, and more, ARK Infosolutions' commitment to excellence and a skilled team have significantly contributed to TVLogic's success.

At the heart of this collaboration lies TVLogic, renowned for its innovation and perfection in monitor technology. Through their partnership, ARK Infosolutions and TVLogic have forged a seamless customer experience that extends beyond mere monitors, unveiling success stories and fostering unparalleled satisfaction among clients.

One such success story unfolds at TV9, an Indian Telugu-language 24-hour news channel, where Venkatesh Rao, the Technical Head, unveils the magic of TVLogic's LVM182 monitor. Rao emphasizes the exceptional support provided by ARK Infosolutions, highlighting the partnership's role in their journey towards excellence.

Further testament to this collaboration is found at Futureworks, where Nitin Yadav, the Technical Head, delves into the realm of post-production with TVLogic's F7H and F5A monitors. These monitors, with their enhanced sharpness and HDR support, empower Futureworks to craft visual narratives that leave a lasting imprint.

ARK Customer testimonial

Ghanshyam Tripathi, the Technical Manager at Zee Entertainment, proudly speaks of the vibrant palette of TVLogic monitors across India. From the vivid LVM 246 to the immersive LUM 242H, each monitor serves as a brushstroke in the canvas of Zee Group's visual storytelling, captivating audiences with vivid colors and intricate details.

Zee Dish, powered by TV Logic LVM180 monitors procured from ARK Infosolutions, stands at the forefront of broadcasting excellence. Mr. Johnson Dsilva, VP - Technical & Engineering at Zee Dish, highlights the seamless customer and after-sales support rendered by the ARK Infosolutions team, underscoring the importance of a responsive partnership in meeting broadcasting needs.

As the curtains fall, the commitment to after-sales support becomes the safety net for creative minds. ARK Infosolutions emerges not only as a trusted value-added distributor but also as a crew of supportive team members and visionaries, dedicated to providing the best technical support and consultation to its clients/customers.

In conclusion, the collaborative journey between ARK Infosolutions and TVLogic exemplifies a harmonious alignment towards client satisfaction and broadcasting excellence. Together, they transcend the boundaries of technology, forging lasting partnerships and reshaping the landscape of visual storytelling in India's media and broadcasting industry.


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