5 EdTech trends in 2020

Technology has brought various changes in the way education is delivered. From self-learning to web-based classrooms, we have seen technology making a considerable impact on the teaching methodologies. With many benefits to offer, digital learning is one segment which has become an important part of the Indian education system. Schools and colleges are trying to implement the best of technology to improve this teaching-learning process. Here is the list of current trends in educational technology that is embracing and making learning a fun thing to do!

Custom Learning

Advancement in EdTech has offered teachers a wide range of content. One can't deny that students have become more device and tech-savvy and are exploring ways for fun learning and mediums that resonate with them. It might be solving a problem in a digital and modern learning environment, finding new ways to understand things through games or exploring the world through VR devices. Despite all the possibilities, it makes our job easier. With automation and differentiation, it is getting better as it takes less work and time to set students on the right path. It has helped students on their learning journeys.


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