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As technology has grown more advanced in recent years, people worldwide are now looking for new ways that could help them become more productive and creative. Not only this, but technology advancement has eventually helped in enhancing workflow. We all have noticed the new tools in a variety of disciplines – but particularly in the field of interior designing, its niche.

Everything is digital today. And these new technologies can be very helpful in bringing up the innovations. But the question is, which is the best fit? What are the criteria to evaluate? What should be done if the current software is not living up to the needs? And, if everything is digital, why not interior design then? That’s the question. Today, even beginners are expected to be aware of every best tool to design and plan interiors. Hand-drawn designs are out of fashion now, DO NOT FORGET! Compared to the traditional methods of interior designing, we have come a long way and the output is simply amazing and hyper-realistic. Expressing ideas have now become easier as it is now possible to have innumerable iterations. We give you a list of top 3 interior design tools that will help you create one of the best interior designs. 


Trimble SketchUp is one of the popular and the most basic 3D modelling computer program, to begin with. It is available in two versions – SketchUp Make (Free version) and SketchUp Pro (Paid version). Known for its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, it has an online open-source library of free model assemblies called 3D warehouse that also support third-party plugins to improve its functionality. Not just this but a user can create custom 3D products and animations without using multiple tools to plan, design, create and render. Otherwise, imagine yourself hopping multiple tools and tabs! SketchUp is an ideal software for the designers who are aspiring and wish to excel their career in interior designing. The company has recently launched its updated version SketchUp 2020 that enables creativity and many opportunities to experiment with. 

Autodesk 3D MAX

A popular technology company, Autodesk, on one fine day, blessed this creative world with one of the best 3D designing software called Autodesk 3D Max. Moving on with the interior design software, it provides excellent tools for rendering, simulating and visualizing interiors. And the best part is that this software is easy, to begin with, and getting used to. It gives you tons of features and flexible plugin architecture to support third-party applications. Best known for its capabilities, it is used in animations for films, motion graphics, industrial product designs and even video games. And if you are a perfectionist and want everything to be detailed, this should be your first choice as it allows you to add a range of textures and fixtures within your design like realistic fur, hair and particle simulation. This software is for those who want to focus solely on creating complex designs. 


The most in-depth and feature-rich web-based architecture and online interior design software are, Infurnia. You'll be surprised to know that it is the world's first cloud-based interior design software which is built especially for professionals. With this, interior designers can create multi-story floor plans both in 2D and 3D. Interestingly, it gives all kinds of furniture options as well to add on to your creativity. You can create a detailed and realistic kitchen design by adding and customizing cabinet size, handles, racks etc. Moreover, it has a catalogue management feature that allows you to upload your furniture models, hardware models etc. Using this online design software, you can create beautiful and life-like renders with minimal adjustments. Unlike others, it has different kinds of rendering like 3D image rendering, Virtual Reality rendering, photorealistic rendering and panoramic rending. And rendering here is just a click away!

Because there are so many kinds of design software available in the market with many overlapping features and capabilities – it can feel challenged to pick the right one. However, the software that works best for you depends on the intent of use, pricing, skills and requirements. But for a complete, fast and easy to use the software, look no further than SketchUp and 3D Max which are the combination of affordable pricing, best features, minimal learning curve and no hassles.



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