Remote work has increased over the past few years, generating a significant change in how individuals operate (and want to work). Of fact, all businesses had to operate differently at the beginning of 2020. Currently, some companies want workers to return to the office full-time, some have adapted by combining remote work and in-person collaboration, and some have chosen to transition to a wholly remote workforce.

Working remotely has several advantages for employees, including increased autonomy, more schedule flexibility, time with family, independence from a time-consuming commute, and the list goes on. Offering a more flexible remote alternative to employees can boost morale and make workers happier without affecting productivity for firms.

PDF Keeps Formatting Consistent 

The formatting and layout of the original document are preserved in a PDF file, whether you're delivering a straightforward form or a report with plenty of graphs. Whenever you submit a PDF file or image, you can be sure that it will appear just how you intended. Working with a range of hardware, software, and operating systems calls for this.

Your receiver has the option to change your document into a format that works for them because PDFs can be readily converted to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and over 300 other file types.

Remote Collaboration Made Simpler

In a poll performed by Nitro and Qualtrics, a resounding majority of knowledge workers from around the world (95%) said they believe their firms have a lot of space to enhance document processes. This lack of visibility and collaboration presents difficulties when working remotely and occasionally completely hinders productivity.

You can simply work together on document tasks with a document productivity suite like Nitro. Nitro accelerates these cross-functional operations, whether you're merging input into a single PDF file, comparing different PDF file versions, or delivering documents for electronic signatures.

Around-the-Clock Relationship with PDF in the Cloud

The typical 9-to-5 workday is no longer followed by the modern worker. Companies must provide a way to be productive outside of the office due to remote workers, different time zones, and erratic schedules.

To guarantee that your staff can always remain linked and locations, it is essential to select a PDF programme that has a cloud component. Employees may convert, merge, or edit PDFs using Nitro's cloud-connected features from any web browser, as well as safely save, share, and review documents.

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs 

Office-related costs can add up rapidly for remote workers, from hardware upkeep to replenishing paper and other supplies. Eliminating paper-based activities like printing, scanning, and copying completely in favour of digital alternatives is an easy and practical strategy to lower these expenses while increasing productivity.

Over half of employees are still printing and scanning, although the number of paper-based activities has drastically fallen since before the epidemic, according to the 2022 Nitro Productivity Report.

Companies who do away with these antiquated procedures and provide teams access to digital files and workflows quickly save money on the high costs of printer upkeep, paper, ink, and other associated supplies. Not to mention how much time can be saved when staff members are not required to organise and file paper paperwork.

Additional Document Security

We are frequently reminded of the significance of security in our papers in a world where hacking and high-profile security flaws are everyday news, especially when emailing information back and forth between distant employees. With measures that safeguard your sensitive information, PDF files also assist in reducing the dangers of data leakage and illegal sharing. You may simply redact sensitive data, text, and photos from your PDF files while engaging with remote workers across insecure channels like email.

The security of your documents is even more crucial if you are conducting international business. The rules governing eSigning differ from nation to nation, and compliance can be very challenging. For complete information, read our Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures.

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