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ARK and Boston Forge Strategic Partnership to Empower Indian Businesses with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions
strategic partnership

In a groundbreaking collaboration, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., a prominent distributor of technology products, announces a strategic partnership with Boston India, a leading IT solutions provider. This alliance reflects a shared commitment to fostering technological excellence and promises to reshape the landscape of business solutions in India.

A Tapestry of Collaboration: Writing a New Chapter in Indian Technology

The union of ARK Infosolutions and Boston India heralds a transformative era in India's technology ecosystem. This partnership transcends the conventional boundaries of collaboration, aiming to provide a spectrum of solutions and services that will catalyse innovation and propel growth across industries.

The partnership not only signifies a confluence of two industry titans but also mirrors a commitment to nurture the burgeoning technological ecosystem in India. The collaborative force of ARK Infosolutions' expertise in varied industry segments and Boston India's prowess in mission-critical solutions creates a dynamic synergy poised to redefine standards and elevate aspirations.

Through this partnership, businesses can now leverage industry leading products and solutions like SuperMicro fully build & Components, renowned brands such as Intel, Mellanox, Nvidia, AMD, Asperitas, BeeGFS, Bright computing, Micron, Open-E, ProLabs, Seagate, SolarFlare, WD, Xilinx, And more.

Access to advanced technology will empower businesses to streamline workflows, optimize processes, and unlock new opportunities for innovation across AEC, Media & Entertainment, Digital Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, and Systems Integration domains.

The partnership focuses on developing solutions specific to the unique needs and challenges of various industries, ensuring optimal value and impact for each client. ARK’s extensive network and reach will significantly expand Boston’s access to new client segments across Government, Corporate entities, Govt. Institution, Universities, Manufacturing sectors, & beyond.

Boston India: Crafting the Future of Mission-Critical Solutions

Boston India has established itself as a leading IT systems provider, specializing in server and storage solutions, workstations, and comprehensive training programs with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. The company prides itself on delivering mission-critical server and storage solutions to India through a network of carefully selected partners.

Offering a diverse range of competitively priced, high-performance systems, Boston India caters to various computing needs. From single-processor compact desktops to fully immersed liquid-cooled powerhouses, their offerings address the burgeoning demand of specialized computing requirements from pre-decision consulting, IT hardware supply and management through to skills development to ensure efficiency through the lifetime of any project.

Boston Training Academy is a part of the whole offering and is a commitment to professional development. This academy serves as a hub for upskilling and reskilling professionals in the dynamic field of Data Science, aligning with the evolving needs of the industry.

With a reputation for bringing state-of-the-art technology to India through a network of carefully selected partners, Boston India's ethos align seamlessly with ARK Infosolutions' commitment to driving technological progress.

Leadership team

“Boston India is very pleased to add its expertise to the tremendous capability that ARK Infosolutions have developed for more than a decade. This combined initiative will enable both brands to work collectively with clients providing state-of-the-art technology whist ensuring total trust to deliver, support and maintain all aspects of the whole system.” Says Dev Tyagi, Founder.

Piyush Savla, Head of Sales at Boston IT Solutions India adds “It has been an absolute pleasure to be working with ARK Infosolutions. The joined up approach will add value to both organisations but, most importantly, it adds up to a great customer experience in the making”

ARK Infosolutions: Pioneering Technological Empowerment

Established in 2012, ARK Infosolutions has become a key player in India's technology distribution sector. Specializing in diverse industry segments—from animation, broadcast media, and film & video post to pro AV, architectural engineering & construction (AEC), gaming, graphic design, manufacturing, mechatronics, product design, and robotics—ARK is dedicated to empowering its clientele.

Rishi Khemka, CEO of ARK Infosolutions, explains the significance of the partnership: "The Indian market holds untapped technological potential, and our collaboration with Boston India allows us to curate a tailored portfolio of solutions for the nuanced demands of Indian businesses."

Amit Daftary, Vice President of Strategy & Alliances at ARK Infosolutions, adds: "We're excited to join forces with Boston India to extend our influence and empower Indian enterprises across various industries. With our combined expertise, we aim to offer cutting-edge technology solutions, instigating innovation, amplifying efficiency, and propelling growth. This partnership marks a significant stride in our journey to accelerate technological advancement in India."

Both companies eagerly anticipate the tangible impact of their joint efforts on the Indian business landscape. With a shared commitment to excellence, ARK Infosolutions and Boston India are poised to usher in a new era of technological prowess, offering world-class products and services tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market.


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