BI 2023

The media and entertainment industry witnessed an electrifying showcase of cutting-edge technology at the BI2023 event, held at the prestigious Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on 8-9-10 October 2023. ARK Infosolutions, a leading value-added distributor of technology products and services in India, made a remarkable presence at the event. Over the course of three days, ARK Infosolutions exhibited an impressive lineup of renowned brands, each a trailblazer in their respective domains. 

The event provided a unique platform for industry enthusiasts to explore the latest innovations, share insights, and network with some of the brightest minds in the business. We left no stone unturned in ensuring that attendees had an enriching experience, both in terms of knowledge and opportunities. 

Here’s a glimpse of the brands that ARK Infosolutions represented at BI2023: 

AJA Video Systems 

AJA Video Systems took center stage at the ARK Infosolutions booth. The buzz around AJA's digital video interface, converters, and desktop solutions was palpable. 

The excitement was at its peak as the experts explained how their products were essential for professionals in post-production, broadcast, video, and cinema. With live demonstrations that showcased the seamless integration of AJA's solutions into various workflows, visitors left with a newfound appreciation for the magic that happens behind the scenes in the world of video production. 

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AJA at BI 2023 


LiveU's presence at BI2023 was nothing short of a revolution. The company showcased cutting-edge technology featuring 4K resolution, 5G connectivity, and HEVC. Visitors flocked to witness the live video streaming technology that LiveU had to offer.  

The team of experts pulled no punches when it came to explaining the intricacies of their latest technology. They walked visitors through live demonstrations, streaming content across multiple platforms, and showcasing how their solutions were changing the way we experience live events. Visitors left the booth with a renewed sense of awe for the power of live video streaming and a firm belief in its potential to shape the future of media. 

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LiveU at BI 2023 

IHSE kvm-tec 

IHSE kvm-tec's booth was a hub of excitement, especially for those interested in seamless connectivity and control solutions. Visitors were captivated by the promise of simplified operations across various industries. 

Our team took visitors on a journey, explaining how their KVM solutions were streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. Through live demonstrations of real-world scenarios, they illustrated the power of seamless control and connectivity. Visitors left the booth not just excited but also with a clear understanding of how IHSE kvm-tec was reshaping the way industries operate. 

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Kvm tec at BI 2023 


Atomos brought an aura of innovation to the ARK Infosolutions booth no. E4, pushing the boundaries of video production. Visitors were drawn to the futuristic displays showcasing the latest in HDR, 4K, and 8K capabilities. 

Our technical team made sure visitors were not just spectators but active participants in the product experience. They explained how Atomos products redefined speed, lightness, toughness, and brightness in video production. Through hands-on demonstrations, visitors witnessed firsthand the transformative capabilities of Atomos technology. It left them inspired and eager to explore the limitless potential of their own video projects. 

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Atomos at BI 2023 


As visitors made their way to the ARK Infosolutions booth at BI2023, they couldn't help but be drawn in by the innovative data storage solutions presented by Symply. The vibrant and interactive display immediately captured attention. 

What truly excited the visitors was how Symply's team of experts went the extra mile to explain the intricate details of their high-performance storage solutions. Through engaging demonstrations and real-world use cases, the team showcased how Symply's technology could revolutionize data storage across various industries. Visitors left the booth not only impressed but also enlightened about the endless possibilities that Symply's products could unlock. 

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Symply at BI 2023 


Pixotope's presence was a game-changer at BI2023. The fusion of real-time rendering and virtual elements in live and recorded video content had visitors in awe. Pixotope at booth no. D2 was a major attraction that drew the attention of attendees from across the event. This innovative and dynamic booth showcased the incredible capabilities of Pixotope in revolutionizing broadcasting, film production, and content creation. 

The team immersed visitors in a world where reality and virtuality seamlessly blended. Through live demonstrations of augmented reality and virtual sets, they showcased how Pixotope was revolutionizing broadcasting, film production, and content creation.  

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Pixotope at BI 2023


LaCie's reputation preceded them, and visitors were eager to see their range of external hard drives, SSDs, and storage devices. What excited them was the promise of reliable and high-performance storage solutions. 

LaCie's team of experts made complex storage technology accessible to all. They patiently explained the importance of external storage in media and entertainment. Through interactive displays and real-world use cases, they demonstrated how LaCie's products could safeguard and enhance the creative work of professionals. 

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Lacie at BI 2023 

As we reflect on BI2023, we can't help but look forward to more such events in the future. The world of technology is constantly evolving, and these exhibitions provide invaluable opportunities to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. ARK Infosolutions remains committed to bringing cutting-edge technologies to its users, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment. 

With each event, we anticipate even more groundbreaking innovations, insightful interactions, and unforgettable experiences that will continue to shape the future of our industry. Thank you to all the visitors, partners, and brands who made BI2023 a memorable success, and we can't wait to see what the future holds in our ongoing journey to deliver the best in technology and customer experience.  

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