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ARK Infosolutions' Impactful Journey in 2023
ARK 2023 Wrapup

Reflecting on the eventful and rewarding journey that defined ARK Infosolutions in 2023, we take immense pleasure in recapping the milestones, exceptional partnerships, and influential industry engagements that shaped our path as a premier value-added distributor for Technology products and solutions in India. This year was marked by remarkable strides, paving the way for outstanding recognitions and impactful engagements that underscore our commitment to excellence. 

Here is a quick recap of the key highlights that defined our year: 

Prestigious Awards and Recognitions 

Our crowning achievement, the Ansys Award, stands as a testament to our team's unwavering dedication and innovative perspectives. Achieving a flawless 100% sales target in 2022 led us to receive this prestigious honor at a distinguished ceremony in the US. This recognition not only showcases our team's prowess but also highlights our commitment to exceeding milestones in delivering top-tier technology solutions. 

The Digital Studio Awards served as a pivotal moment, affirming our position as the Best National Distributor for Production and OTT products. This acknowledgment in the broadcast-related products landscape underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence. Additionally, being recognized as a National Distributor for Broadcast-related products solidifies our foothold as an industry leader, amplifying our ability to cater to evolving industry demands.

ARK 2023 Awards 

Receiving the Partner Enablement Excellence INDIA and Marketing Excellence Emerging APAC awards from Trimble SketchUp further validates our strategic prowess and commitment to nurturing partnerships. These prestigious accolades not only celebrate our efforts in fostering growth but also emphasize our dedication to driving success in collaboration with esteemed partners. 

Diverse Industry Engagements: 

Broadcast India 2023: Participating in Broadcast India Show 2023 which is South Asia's leading broadcast and infotainment technology exhibition happened in Mumbai where we showcased some of the leading brand from broadcast and production industry such as LiveU, Symply, Seagate, LaCie, Atomos, AJA, Pixotope, and IHSE kvm-tec, emphasizing our dedication to innovation in the industry. This exhibition brings together pioneering innovators, showcasing the latest trends that shape the industry's future. 

ARK at BI Show

Indiajoy 2023: IndiaJoy serves as a premier aggregator platform, hosting prestigious international events and bringing together the AVGC sector. It unfolds opportunities for a diverse spectrum, including investors, corporations, studios, content developers, delegates, consumers, hardware manufacturers, and students. This event is a convergence of networking, trade exhibitions, product launches, and B2B/B2C events, fostering growth and collaboration within the industry. 

ARK at Indiajoy

New Brand Partnerships: 

Welcoming esteemed brands such as Asustor, Symply, Boston, IHSE kvm-tec, Bricsys, Intech, Snews, OpenDrive, OWC, Cooke and Perforce into our repertoire signifies a pivotal expansion in our offerings within the Media and Entertainment and additive manufacturing industry. This strategic diversification bolsters our commitment to fostering innovation and embracing diversity in the solutions we offer. Beyond simply expanding our portfolio, these additions represent our dedication to catering to evolving industry needs and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

ARK New Partners

The integration of these new brands into our portfolio isn't solely about product offerings; it's about ensuring our clients receive comprehensive support, guidance, and expertise in utilizing these innovative solutions. We aim to serve as more than just a distributor; we aspire to be a partner in our customers' success stories, offering tailored solutions, expert advice, and unwavering support at every step of their technological journey. 

Events and Roadshows: 

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Roadshow was an exhilarating convergence of expertise and enthusiasm, spanning across 14 vibrant cities in India. This dynamic event attracted a diverse crowd passionate about delving into the realm of graphic design. It served as a catalyst for collaboration and inventive ideas, drawing both creative professionals and eager students seeking to understand the software. The interactive sessions with industry experts sparked creativity and ignited a fervor for exploring new possibilities within the design sphere.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Roadshow

Digital Transformation Revolution, held in Delhi and Mumbai, the exceptional response underscored the industry's fervent pursuit of digital transformation within the AEC sector. Autodesk's team of experts shared invaluable knowledge and industry insights, shedding light on how Autodesk is reshaping the landscape of architecture, engineering, and construction. The networking opportunities provided a platform for professionals to engage, fostering meaningful connections and beneficial exchanges within the industry.

Autodesk AEC Event

Chaos Day India 2023 served as a celebration of achievements in architectural visualization, inspiring attendees to envision a future where design possibilities are boundless, thanks to the transformative capabilities of 3D rendering and visualization. This exceptional platform not only acknowledged present accomplishments but also fueled aspirations for limitless design potentials.

Chaos Day India

As ARK Infosolutions wraps up a monumental year, it's impossible not to highlight ARK Additive's stellar presence and contribution alongside our esteemed partner, Stratasys, at the Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) Conference on Defense Electronics and Communication Systems. Our collaboration highlighted how Stratasys' solutions optimize efficiency and flexibility, facilitating swift adaptation to evolving defense needs. Beyond presenting innovations, our engagement fostered collaboration and sparked vital discussions within the industry.

Stratasys Event

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the esteemed speakers and enthusiastic attendees who contributed to the resounding success of these events. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to delve deeper into the dynamic world of architectural innovation. 

Partner Meets and Engagements: 

At the SketchUp Partner Meet in Goa, an exclusive invitation extended by Trimble Sketchup, the event was a pivotal platform fostering insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Industry professionals gathered to delve into pertinent industry trends and strategies, exchanging valuable insights that resonated with the evolving landscape of architectural and design technology. These discussions weren't just informative but also ignited collaborative efforts among participants, shaping strategies for mutual growth and innovation.

SketchUp Partner Meet

Similarly, the Pixotope Channel Partner Meet in Thailand served as another significant rendezvous point. Here, engaging discussions took center stage, focusing on industry insights and strategic deliberations. The event acted as a catalyst for fostering collaboration among channel partners, envisioning growth trajectories and cultivating strategies to navigate the competitive landscape. The insightful exchanges didn't just serve as informative sessions but also paved the way for future collaborations and symbiotic growth within the industry. 

Pixotope Channel Partner Meet

Unforgettable Moments 

Throughout the year, ARK Infosolutions was a hub of festivity, ensuring a joyful workplace by commemorating various festivals. The company consistently upheld the spirits of the employees through an array of celebrations. The festivities were more than just moments; they were experiences. From indulging in delectable snacks to engaging in fun-filled games and fostering fun conversations, every occasion was curated to foster camaraderie and happiness. This environment of getting to know everyone beyond work has been pivotal in the company's growth, strengthening bonds and fostering a more cohesive team. We're eager to continue this tradition of vibrant and engaging festivities in 2024.

ARK Unforgettable Moments

The year 2023 stands as a testament to ARK Infosolutions' commitment to excellence, innovation, and impactful partnerships. These awards, recognitions, and engagements underscore our relentless pursuit of delivering top-tier technology solutions while fostering invaluable partnerships. 

Looking ahead to 2024, we are poised to build upon these achievements, continuing to drive innovation, explore new avenues, and solidify our standing as a trailblazer in Technology distribution.


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