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ARK Infosolutions’ Impactful Presence at VFX Summit IndiaJoy 2023 in Hyderabad!

ARK Infosolutions recently took center stage at the VFX Summit held from October 31st to November 1st, 2023, in Hyderabad. Representing industry giants like Foundry and Autodesk, alongside notable brands such as Perforce, Pixotope, and Moho, this event was a powerhouse of innovation and expertise. This lively event within the digital festival showcased ARK's commitment to spearheading industry insights in the animation and VFX realm.

VFX Summit

Foundry, a pioneer in creative software, showcased innovative tools tailored for industries like VFX, animation, and design. Autodesk, a global leader, provided insights into reshaping industries through software solutions spanning architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment.

Perforce, specializing in software development and collaboration tools, offered version control and management solutions for teams working on digital content. Pixotope, known for cutting-edge virtual production solutions, demonstrated seamless integration of live action and CG elements in real-time.

Adding to this powerhouse lineup was Moho by Lost Marble is a renowned software for 2D animation. Moho's user-friendly interface and comprehensive animation tools have made it a favorite among creators.

ARK's stall emerged as a hub for knowledge exchange and networking, drawing professionals, enthusiasts, and industry players alike. Through engaging sessions and live demonstrations, ARK unveiled the transformative capabilities of Foundry and Autodesk's cutting-edge technology, defining the future of creative industries.

ARK at VFX Summit

The palpable buzz at ARK's stall during the event reflected attendees' eagerness to explore groundbreaking capabilities. Meaningful conversations and profound exchanges replaced mere browsing, providing essential industry insights beyond the confines of traditional exhibitions.

The impact extended beyond the VFX Summit; ARK's dedication resonated throughout the animation networking events and VFX conferences at India Joy. The team's commitment to empowering innovators left attendees equipped with strategies and insights for navigating these dynamic industries.

As the curtains closed on the event, ARK Infosolutions stood tall, leaving an indelible mark at India Joy. This participation reaffirmed ARK's role as an innovation catalyst, fostering connections that transcended the event's duration.

ARK's engagement wasn't just representation; it was a celebration of knowledge-sharing, insights, and meaningful connections, reshaping the landscape of creative industries and setting new benchmarks for the future."

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