Held from 22 – 25 November 2023 at DLF Golf and Country Club in Gurgaon, Delhi, Hero Women’s Indian Open is the ultimate proof of the rapid strides made by Women’s Professional Golf in India. It attracts the very best of talent from across the globe with most players coming from Europe and Asia. 


The Hero  Women’s Indian Open is a significant event for participants and fans across the globe. However, making it reach the audience live posed a challenge due to the venue's size and the various locations where the games were held on the grounds of DLF. To provide live coverage of such a vast event requires a reliable, high quality, and uninterrupted internet connection. The challenge was to ensure that the live stream was not interrupted by network limitations, high latency, or other technical difficulties. Hence, a comprehensive solution was needed to overcome these challenges and provide seamless live coverage of the event seamless live coverage of the event.


The LU800 combines multi-camera and superior video/audio capabilities with mission critical transmissions in a native 5G unit. Designed from the ground up to unlock 5G potential, the unit offers an unparalleled quality of service and resiliency. LU800’s high-definition streaming captured every moment of the tournament in real-time, providing a crystal-clear view of the action on the course. It is easy to set up and user-friendly, making it a breeze for the cameramen to capture all the excitement of the golf tournament.

Key Features –

Up to 8X 5G modems with high-efficiency internal antennas.
Up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optical color depth & richness.
Multi-camera with up to 4 fully synced feeds & flexible unit/station switching.
Rich remote production tools: Video Return, Tally Light, Audio Connect.
Up to 16 audio channels for richer audio production.
2 Ethernet & 2 Wi-Fi interfaces for more connection options.
Superfast file transfer for sending edited footage from the field.


The use of Live U technology has made it possible to stream this golf tournament with less manpower, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution. And with Live U's reliable transmission technology, golf fans around the world can experience all the excitement of the tournament as if they were right on the course, streaming it through 'LU800'.


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