The current generation has witnessed a revolutionary change in technology and the growth by the global influences and experts who have contributed a lot in the society from lifestyle to education which is forever multiplying. Besides this, one epic transformation witnessed by humankind is the cognitive abilities in 21st-century kids. Nonetheless, their cognitive skills do not just depend on the aspects and lessons learnt at school or home, but it is combined with their day-to-day experiences. Quite often creative thinking is confused with colors and drawings, but it is just about thinking differently. Be it solving a mathematics problem or learning a table of 9. However, this is just one of the parts of one’s ability and ability to think which is uncommon. Such a level of creative intelligence could be attained at an early age and further can be nurtured through various techniques. Do you know, ‘How to improve cognitive skills in children?’ is the most Googled term on the internet. Who are curious? Parents? Maybe teachers?

Below are some of the proven ways that nurtured the imagination and creativity of 21st-century kids ultimately improving their cognitive skills:

Spending time outdoors