LiveU in Election rally

As democracy unfolds, elections emerge as pivotal moments in any nation's history. Citizens eagerly await outcomes, understanding their decisions shape the nation's trajectory. It's crucial every moment, speech, and rally is captured, shared, and experienced in real-time. LiveU's technology ensures no detail is missed, regardless of location. From campaign fervor to debate tension, our solutions bring democracy's essence to screens worldwide.

Unmatched Mobility:
LiveU's portable devices offer unparalleled coverage flexibility. From urban centers to rural expanses, our units capture democracy's pulse wherever it beats.

Top-Quality Streaming:
Deliver superior video and seamless live feeds with LiveU's technology. Our units maintain high streaming standards, even amidst dynamic events. Leveraging 4K resolution, High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), and 5G, LiveU optimizes quality and transmission speed.

LiveU device for Rentals

Reliability & Backup:
Rely on LiveU's backup solutions for uninterrupted coverage. With redundant systems, your live stream remains resilient through any challenge.

Multi-Platform Streaming:
Expand your reach by streaming across multiple platforms simultaneously. Engage diverse audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, amplifying your election coverage's impact.

User-Friendly Setup:
Streamline your workflow with LiveU's intuitive controls. Our devices are user-friendly, allowing you to focus on capturing electoral essence without technical complexities.

In addition to purchasing, LiveU units are available for rentals, catering to diverse election coverage needs. Partner with ARK Infosolutions, the trusted value-added distributor for LiveU products in India, to access exceptional customer service and round-the-clock support. As we journey towards the 2024 General Elections, equip yourself with LiveU's advanced solutions. Ensure every voice is heard, every moment witnessed, and democracy's spirit upheld.
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