Dolby and ARK Partnership

Get ready for a more inclusive moviegoing experience as new accessibility practices are set to transform cinemas across India!

Accessibility Becomes the Norm

In a landmark decision, the Delhi High Court has ruled that cinemas must provide accessibility features for patrons with visual and hearing impairments. This includes closed captioning (CC), audio descriptions (VI-N), and amplified audio (HI).

Learn more about the court's decision in The Hindu's article. Click Here

This decision reinforces the importance of accessibility, as emphasized by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act.

Movie Lovers in Cinema Hall

Dolby's Solution for a Seamless Experience

Dolby, a leader in cinema technology, has developed a comprehensive solution to help cinemas easily meet these new guidelines. The Dolby Accessibility Solution (DAS) is designed to:

Streamline Accessibility: It seamlessly integrates with a movie's Digital Cinema Package (DCP), ensuring that audio descriptions, captions, and amplified sound are perfectly synchronized.
Offer Choice: Moviegoers use individual receivers with touchscreens for their preferred experience – HI audio, VI-N narration, closed captions, or a combination.
Provide Privacy: The receivers' displays have privacy filters to minimize distraction for other audience members.
For a detailed look at Dolby's solution, check out their product sheet. Click Here.

Partnering for Nationwide Change

Dolby and their nationwide distributor, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., are working together to bring this transformative technology to cinemas throughout India.

What this Means for You

Get excited for an enhanced moviegoing experience! With these advancements, everyone will be able to fully enjoy the magic of cinema.
Stay tuned for updates on when your local cinema will be implementing these essential accessibility features.



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