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IT departments face continuous stress as they strive to meet user and business requirements while driving digital transformation initiatives. Their responsibilities are extensive and encompass various tasks.

Furthermore, the concealed aspects of their work are equally demanding. Handling software administration is particularly laborious and intricate, especially when dealing with numerous software applications and platforms. This article delves into the benefits of Nitro's all-encompassing account administration tool, highlighting how it aids IT teams in streamlining operations, reclaiming time, and enhancing efficiency.

IT Teams Need a Streamlined Approach to Software Admin

And yet, many software programs still don’t make this easy to achieve. Here’s how the Nitro admin portal can help simplify admin across three areas.

1. Centralize User and License Administration

Whether your company is experiencing rapid growth or undergoing a shift towards remote work, your chosen vendor should demonstrate a dedication to adapting to your changing business requirements. There might arise instances when you have to incorporate additional PDF licenses to accommodate expanding teams, swiftly update user information, or reassign licenses to active users. Dealing with these tasks should not be a source of frustration.

Nitro's administrative portal equips you with a comprehensive set of tools to effectively handle the provisioning of Nitro PDF Pro software, all in one centralized location. This means you won't have to go through the hassle of submitting support tickets whenever you need to onboard a new user or endure prolonged waiting times for request approvals.

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Upon accessing the administrative portal, proceed to the left panel and select "Account Overview." This section will provide you with a concise overview of your account and subscription particulars. Additionally, you will find a comprehensive list of all owned licenses. These licenses are categorized based on their plan names, with each plan showcasing the total number of purchased licenses currently in use, their expiration dates, and current statuses.

In the dashboard's "Users" segment, a comprehensive roster of all users linked to the account will be visible. This list can be categorized into various sections, including "Active," "Inactive," "Invited," "Join Requests," and "Import History." Utilizing the search bar, you can easily locate existing users, while new users can be added either in bulk through CSV file import or individually/group-invited.

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2. Track and Improve User Adoption

User adoption is critical to the success of any new software implementation, but tracking it can be a real challenge for IT teams. How do you know if people are having a positive user experience or taking full advantage of software features?

Nitro makes this effortless. In the admin portal, you get full access to our powerful analytics tool so you can see how our PDF and eSign solutions are being used across your business. Nitro Analytics works behind the scenes to bring you usage data to help you:

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Improve processes and adoption
  • Calculate and prove ROI
  • Quantify sustainability efforts
  • Share and report data with stakeholders
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3. Gain The Support You and Your Teams Need

As an IT expert, you contend with a substantial influx of support inquiries daily. Partnering with a dependable software provider that adopts a high-touch approach can help alleviate some of the workload for your team.

At Nitro, we recognize the paramount importance of support and expertise in bolstering the accomplishments of any IT department within an organization. This is why we are wholly committed to ensuring the seamless execution of your software deployment.

By utilizing the "Support" segment of our portal, you can conveniently initiate support requests and gain access to round-the-clock assistance from the Nitro team. Empowering your team to maximize the benefits of Nitro's tools is facilitated through our "User Community," and we facilitate their skill enhancement through a comprehensive repository of knowledge and user guides.

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Spend Less Time on IT Admin and More Time on Strategic Projects

Nitro solutions and customer success teams deliver more value to IT teams. Leave the admin stress behind and get started with your free business pilot program today!


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