LiveU and ARK Infosolutions

As part of its long-term vision, T News, a prominent Telugu-language news television channel based in Telangana, is embracing cutting-edge broadcast technology for the upcoming assembly and general elections, as well as other significant events nationwide. This strategic foresight has prompted a partnership with ARK Infosolutions, a leading distributor known for its advanced media solutions.

In a dynamic news environment where rapid, high-quality live coverage is indispensable, T News recognized the importance of adopting the latest broadcasting technology. As a result, ARK Infosolutions recommended LiveU's products to meet T News' evolving needs. LiveU's LU600 5G units facilitate high-definition video transmission over cellular and IP networks, ensuring seamless live broadcasts with faster data speeds and improved network reliability. With 5G support, T News effectively reaches audiences from diverse locations, upholding its commitment to delivering real-time news coverage.

Furthermore, the integration of LU2000 licenses enable T News to efficiently manage and distribute incoming video feeds, streamlining broadcast workflows and optimizing operational efficiency. 

LiveU Election Device

Mr. Vinay Eshwar, CTO at T News, emphasized, "ARK Infosolutions has not only provided us with top-notch LiveU products but has also offered seamless customer support and thorough training sessions. Their dedication to ensuring our team's proficiency with the equipment has maximized the solution's benefits. LiveU will be used for live streaming the assembly and general elections and other major events taking place in the state in the future."

Mohan Rawat, Assistant Vice President, Media & Entertainment at ARK Infosolutions, reiterated the partnership's value, stating, "At ARK Infosolutions, we are committed to delivering superior performance and driving innovation in the broadcast industry. The successful deployment of LiveU products at T News underscores our dedication." 

Gaurav Valecha, Country Manager (Sales) at LiveU, shared insights on the transformative impact of LiveU solutions for T News. "Our partnership underscores LiveU's mission to redefine live broadcasting," stated Valecha, "highlighting the company's commitment to delivering seamless and immersive news experiences."

Through its collaboration with ARK Infosolutions and LiveU adoption, T News has solidified its position as a premier provider of timely and credible news coverage. It effectively engages its audience and captures the excitement surrounding major events such as elections.


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