Learn how Nitro’s PDF document management software can help your organization deliver efficient workflows for every user.

Are you considering implementing a companywide PDF solution for the first time or looking to replace your current vendor? If so, your first step is to start researching PDF solutions—and you likely have a list of criteria the solution must meet.

Your organization needs a PDF product from a strategic partner that provides white-glove customer service. They must also have a vested interest in meeting your business outcomes in a budget-friendly manner.

What else does the solution need to make your shortlist?

Ease of use is probably the most important factor for ensuring that a new PDF solution is well liked and widely adopted throughout your organisation, but there are other considerations when thinking about how the platform will be utilized.

What other PDF and workflow solutions are your users working with?
What are the most common and repeated tasks/workflows throughout your organization?
Are there other systems the product needs to integrate with?

These questions are just a starting point. Ultimately, you want to be sure your PDF solution delivers stress-free workflows for every user.

Connecting PDF & eSigning Software

Companies of all sizes have realized the urgency and advantages of digitizing documents—security, mobility, cost savings and many more. One must-have in this digital environment is a document platform that connects all your document workflows end-to-end.

Take the category of eSignatures as an example. With a single, unified platform for editing PDF documents and sending them out for an electronic signature, users can work and collaborate faster and easier. With disconnected platforms, or with multiple tools and software vendors for PDF & eSigning, tasks take longer and frustrate employees and customers alike.

Having one vendor and platform for all digital document workflows and collaboration is a huge convenience for companies with a digitally connected remote workforce. It makes everyone’s lives easier, including IT staff who can manage licenses and security more efficiently.

Seamless Software Integrations, Simplified Document Workflows

Another way to ensure users enjoy a stress-free document workflow is integrating your PDF & eSign tools with other critical business systems.

Here are 5 important questions to ask potential PDF vendors about integrations:

1.Does the PDF solution integrate with systems your organization already uses, or will likely use in the future?

2.Are integrations supported by the vendor?

3.Do integrations incur additional costs?

4.Are the integrations easy and intuitive to use?

5.If not, will they require additional training expenses?

If a new PDF platform does not offer the integrations or APIs you need, it will cause problems for IT and users down the road. Before committing to a vendor, make sure they are committed to helping users seamlessly work with the applications they love and use most often.

Nitro’s PDF & eSign Integrations

Nitro’s PDF, eSigning and Analytics solutions are all designed to work together as part of a unified ecosystem. They integrate seamlessly with each other and with many of the most common business-critical programs and systems, including: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Salesforce and Zapier.

We work with the leading tech innovators in the software space so you have powerful integrations and APIs for all your Nitro PDF and eSign solutions. This provides IT leaders with stress-free deployments and software integrations for existing systems, processes and applications.

See How Nitro Makes PDF and Document Workflows Stress-Free

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