What makes a good story? The context? The content? Or the storyteller? Well, it is a union of all. Storytelling is a gift people are born with. But like most talents, you ought to nurture it keeping the realm of entertainment and learning in mind. Industry experts are rediscovering and redefining the power of stories which would not only entertain but also educate the audience.

Traditionally, a story must include a hero, a heroine and a villain to mess up everything that comes its way. These three characters are enough to serve the purpose of the plot further. And then there is a creation of conflict – the part where our emotions and experiences play an important role to understand the story better and ultimately it ends with a solution. Today, in a business world, consumers need a compelling reason to buy your product and services. Tweaking what a traditional story plot looks like, the hero is the brand; the heroine is the consumer and the villain is the competitor. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Unlike Bollywood movies, this villain will try to compete with the hero. Not the prettiest opening to a story, right? But it is honest. But the hero is smart enough to win the trust of the heroine with his persona and promises over time.

Similarly, telling the story of your brand should be an ongoing process. Each day, a business shifts, grows and adds new experiences to its story and expressing the same contributes to the connection, trust and involvement of the consumers. Here are a few ways to perfect your brand story that aims towards drawing people in.

Figure out 4 W’s

It is important to establish context right off the bat. What is the purpose of the story? Why do you want to tell a story? Who is in the story? And what are you trying to achieve out of it? These parameters will help you understand the purpose of everything better. Set the scene for the audience so that they can be hooked to the end.

Telling the future of the business that would bring a social change has a more compelling component. People would be least interested in knowing what is already happening, but would be more anticipated to know what lies in the future. Also, it is to keep in mind that business storytelling in not about narrating fake, but making sure that the mission and vision are aligned with the future of the world. It is now time to communicate authenticity over spurious and unique over common.

Be Original