Are you happy enough? 

Are you a good employee? Or a motivating manager? Or maybe the best collogues? 

Whatever you’re, but are you ‘Happy Enough’? 

A truly happy person will always try to find ways to make others happy at work, from his work, opinions, attitude or gestures. But at the office, where people work together striving to achieve the same goals – recognition and advancement also invite friction of thoughts and ideas. And doing so, you consistently use strategies that will help you achieve both. 


Popular literature in the field of management, leadership and personality development advocates for collaboration or partnership when dealing with conflicts at the workplace. Understanding the role of collaboration in resolving problems can help to determine the approach to achieve desired goals which are for the benefit of both. That's a win-win situation. 

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Not to forget, a satisfied employee is one who uses a combination of all these approaches. In this blog, we give you the first combination that will help you manage situations at work. 

Collaboration + Happiness = Win/Win 

Two opinions, two parties, one goal. It is an integrative process which involves a synergy of ideas, beliefs and feelings resulting in the best outcome. Win-win means solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying for both the parties. A situation where all feel good about the decision and feel committed to the action plan. 

When employees collaborate, they integrate their ideas and transmit energies so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The reasons behind it are: 

Collaboration generate new ideas  

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We are all free to express ourselves and share our ideas. We are all free to be creative, as creative as we want. And when working in a team, it becomes more important to come up with opinions that reflect the common goal. No idea or opinion should dominate, it should always be improvised. 

A greater degree of commitment  

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Each employee in the team should feel a sense of true partnership. They should feel that they are not only part of the problem but the solution too. Striving for collaboration requires a mature, open-minded perspective that believes in 'greater good'. 

Mutual respect for all  

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It is always important to make people feel that their ideas and opinions are valuable. It is not only appreciable but also motivates them to think better for the benefit of all. While brainstorming, everyone should be heard. As it also said, the more you listen, the more you learn. 


Willingness to move 

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A successful collaboration calls willingness to trust and openly listen to the alternatives. Everyone needs to understand that they all are working for one common goal and are accountable for whatever comes their way. This way, there will be less resistance, less tension in the process of finding the right solution.

The benefits of the collaboration include:

Sincerity in the efforts to listen and express ideas

Assessment of pros and cons

Mutual learning

Strengthening of relationship and trust 

Commitments to the outcomes 

Collaboration or partnership, with a win-win solution, is the best method to use at work when working on any critical project. This collaboration process frequently results in the growth of knowledge, trust, respect and understanding among all. Sometimes the synergies created in collaboration with the parties is more impactful and beneficial than either party. When there is a mutual satisfaction with both the process and the outcome, the likelihood of productive implementation of decisions greatly increased. But above all, it is important to understand when, how and whom to collaborate with. Ensure that the situation is important enough to call a Collab. And when it is, go for the win-win! 

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